24 Nov 2015

New Toro groundscare mower with unique cutting system

Innovative triple flail concept can reduce cutting frequency to deliver cost savings

The all-new Toro LT-F3000 boasts an innovative, front-facing triple flail cutting system, which is expected to appeal to councils and landscape contractors looking for increased productivity, efficiency and economy. Lely’s national sales manager Jeff Anguige explains more: “Offering a completely new cutting concept to triple mowing, this machine gives users a chance to cut longer, wetter and coarser grass in one sweep.

“This unrivalled versatility means you can make real savings by mowing less often, making it the perfect choice for those working to tight budgets and timeframes.”

With lower operating costs, affordable replacement parts, easy servicing and sheer usability, Lely says this is a unique machine that is the ideal option when keeping a tight rein on finances.

Easily tackling the most challenging environments – from the widest open spaces to the narrowest verges – with greater ground contour control, this simple-to-operate mower makes light work of parklands, roadside verges, housing estate green spaces and other grassed areas.

In addition to usability, time and money savings, the LT-F3000 delivers a superior after-cut appearance. It is driven by a powerful Kubota 33kW (44.2hp) 4-cylinder diesel engine.

“Its advanced blade design delivers unmatched cut quality in all types of grass, and in all types of weather,” says Jeff Anguige, who adds that durability is also a key feature in the new model.

“The innovative three flail cutting system has been built to withstand the rigors of all heavy-duty applications. They’re much more durable than cylinders and even rotary systems,” he explains. “In fact, the intelligent blade design ensures that if an object is hit, the blades simply swing out of the way to avoid damage. They're also easy to sharpen and cost-effective to replace, for added peace of mind.”

An all-round versatile and intelligent machine, the Toro LT-F3000 looks set to both meet budget demands and deliver high standards across the groundscare sector.

Picture: The Toro LT-F3000’s innovative triple flail concept can reduce cutting frequency to deliver cost savings