22 Aug 2016

New Irrigation System For Oldest Golf Club

Trentham Golf Club opts for Toro Lynx and Infinity.


Two years ago Trentham Golf Club, near Stoke-on-Trent, came on board as a Toro Total Solutions customer and is now enjoying the complete installation of a Lynx system with 170 Infinity series greens, approaches and surrounds sprinklers.

Lynx is a control system renowned for precise irrigation whatever the unique and changing priorities of the course and it is this that particularly appealed to Ed Stant, course manager, who was instrumental in the club’s decision to ‘go red’.

“The old irrigation was a Toro block system and, despite being 34 years old and in need of updating, we were also looking for a greater degree of accuracy and control,” he says.

“Before, we had to water an entire green at once. Now with independent sprinklers featuring revolving heads and a back-to-back set up, irrigating and maintenance can be specific to the smallest areas and refined to be so much more resourceful.”

The club, together with consultant Roger Davey of Irritech, chose Infinity sprinklers for the greens, green banks and approaches, TR50 sprinklers for the tees and T7s on the practice range tee. And with this combination comes a level of choice the club hasn’t seen before; as well as allowing Ed and his greenkeeping team of seven, to implement plans, which previously would have been a lot to do.

“Getting the most from the course is more achievable now,” says Ed. “When we put fertiliser around bunkers and walk on and off areas for example, we can now water it in automatically, rather than by hand or waiting for the perfect weather forecast. We can also now look to refine the grass species around the greens collars and walk areas that are spoilt by patches of coarse rye grass. This system will help us change these grasses more successfully than previously.”

Ed opted for radio remote control, which he says is “brilliant”, but he almost didn’t. “We weren’t going to get the radio remote control if I’m honest, it was one of the areas where we thought we might try and cost save. But I am so glad we did, it is great for precise watering during the day.”

Ed concludes by saying: “Overall, although we haven’t been using the system for very long, I can say we were right to hope for and expect a more economical and efficient way of working, the system will certainly show itself to save us time and effort and I don’t think it will be long before savings are seen in terms of the amount of electricity and water used, too.”

Ed also added: “The process of getting this system installed was an important one for the club and I am especially grateful to those who were instrumental in the process. Our consultant Roger Davy and Lely’s Rob Jackson and Rob Green were fantastic, as were the contractor Irrigation Control, especially foreman Rick who had to battle with the most horrific weather imaginable. Special thanks though must go to Trentham Golf Club, who continually strive to invest and improve this wonderful course. Their continued support in me and what we are trying to achieve is very much appreciated.”