More support, backup and advice

We are focussed on the way we communicate with our customers and the way we deal with customer support. It’s why there has been solid investment in our service centres, now in Scotland, the South East of England and East Anglia and why we work closely with our network of Authorised Service and Dealer Locations (ASL) to develop new joint initiatives such as our Service Level Agreement (SLA) which benchmarks great customer service. 

Our strategy is to ensure that we deliver strong customer service with all our business partners. We’re looking to continually improve on our customer experience after a sale completes, and our SLA outlines the core customer service standards, goals and considerations adopted by all our ASLs, which helps to earn the loyalty of our customers.

They incorporate common goals and values that are the baseline for supporting our commercial turf product customers and set high standards for servicing, repairs and warranty, and the spare parts supply process. 

For example, our parts backup is second-to-none. We hold 15,000 Toro items, available for delivery at 24 hours’ notice pretty much anywhere in the UK and 12,000 fast-moving lines are housed at the European distribution centre in Belgium with 48-hour availability. If all else fails, a 72-hour trans-Atlantic airfreight service comes into action calling on parts held at Toro's Minneapolis manufacturing base. This is all at no extra cost to the customer and represents the kind of reassurance we want to give customers: minimum downtime, maximum productivity, more customer service. 

In fact, it’s this approach, focussing on keeping the customer's total cost of ownership as low as possible – a shared philosophy with The Toro Company, that has seen us recognised by The Toro Company for our outstanding performance in Parts, Service and Technical Training in the past.

And we like to pass on the accolades as well as receiving them! Every year we recognise the dealers who do more in our annual Aftermarket Dealer Awards. You can read more about that here.


“By committing to following Reesink UK’s service level agreement, our service department has been elevated to the next level." 

Mark Woodward, service director at Cheshire Turf Machinery