10 May 2019

TYM Tractor’s new T194 bridges the gap between small ride-on mowers and small multi-purpose tractors

As your garden and estate gears up for summer maintenance and autumn productivity, the timing could not be more perfect for the launch of TYM Tractor’s new nimble all-season subcompact tractor, the T194.

Providing all the power you need for keeping your homestead looking and performing at its best without risking damage to your lawn or land, the TYM T194 can be relied upon to comfortably deal with clearing and carrying, transporting and towing, mowing and maintenance.

But what makes the TYM T194 such an interesting and exciting new product is that it bridges the gap between a ride-on lawn mower and small multi-purpose tractor meaning that you get the best of both worlds. 

When it comes to mowing, it’s light and nimble and comes equipped with a 54-inch mid-mounted deck which makes easy work on lawns leaving a great finish and quality of cut. The mowing height can be adjusted from the seat via the onboard height-of-cut lever which is easy to use and intuitive to set.

Its tractor credentials hinge on the category one three-point linkage and 540 rpm rear PTO which allows for numerous rear-mounted attachments to be fitted and enabling it to be used for numerous tasks around the garden, orchard, woods and fields. It can just as easily handle the tasks of summer and autumn as well as winter sweeping and clear-up and spring aeration (among many!), and it’s this that gives it its reputation as an all-season machine. 

Customers are sure to appreciate the simple dash giving an overview of all functions and the fact that all the key controls fall neatly to hand. The powerful dual range HST transmission includes the fatigue-busting ‘auto throttle’ system which conveniently links the HST pedal to the engine throttle meaning that even if you have a day of activity ahead you won’t feel it by the end. 

So, whether you’ve got a landscaping project on your hands or simply need to keep up with the day-to-day all year round, the T194 fits the bill.