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30 P roperly planned aeration systems can have a dramatic effect on the health of your pond or lake. It’s important to take time in identifying your specific needs, along with other site conditions related to your water feature; not only will it help in product selection but it will ultimately contribute to the success of your aerator or fountain system. Before you make your initial investment, you’ll want to consider: WHAT PRODUCT IS BEST: Aeration vs. decorative; surface vs. sub- surface—depending on your goal these considerations will help you in product selection. KNOW YOUR POND & SITE REQUIREMENTS: Know the four factors that can impact your decision: Surface Area, Depth, Quality of Incoming Water, and Available Power. SYSTEM SIZING & PLACEMENT: Pond size, shape and depth will play a large part in determining the size of your system, especially when looking for aeration. Refer to the System Sizing per Surface Acre table and Product Placement guide on this page for assistance. When your goal is to improve water quality it is imperative that your system is properly sized to deliver the optimal aeration. These are just some initial guidelines in product selection, please feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have. 1 to 1.5HP 1.5HP 2HP 3HP HIGH VOLUME * (Industrial Aerator) AERATING FOUNTAINS* (Sunburst, Gemini, Saturn) MIXERS/ CIRCULATORS AERATING FOUNTAINS (All Decorative Patterns) ASPIRATORS *In severe aquatic conditions multiply the HP requirement by 2. Air Flo systems use a different sizing matrix utilizing depth and surface area. For details visit us at to view the sizing guide online. Giant Fountain sizing is based on preference for pattern display and dimensions. HP REQUIREMENT BY PRODUCT LINE SYSTEM SIZING per SURFACE ACRE Hours of Operation Severe Lake Management Average Lake Management Basic Lake Management 24hrs/day 12-16hrs/day* 6-8hrs/day Additional considerations are required in areas that experience prolonged periods of freezing. * Increase operational hours as outside temperatures & daylight hours increase. * Night (dark) is the optimal time to operate aeration systems for water quality management purposes. System Sizing & Selection GENERAL RULE OF THUMB: 2 HP PER SURFACE ACRE HOWPOND SHAPE IMPACTS PRODUCT PLACEMENT This is a reference to illustrate placement of units to achieve optimal results when aeration is your primary objective. For best results break HP requirements into smaller units and space throughout the water feature.