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29 40W Lamp 80W Lamp MR16 LED Low Voltage RGBW SEQUENCING LIGHTS (LED) RGBW Lighting 40W 80W Lamp Wattage (Total) 150 331 All RGBW Light Systems include 4 light fixtures. Includes a 1-year warranty. Model Lumens (per single fixture) Minimum Maximum Red Green Blue White Red Green Blue White 40W 260 300 77 430 420 480 130 620 80W 600 720 172 1250 940 1130 270 1960 3HP Gemini & 3HP Rockets with Low Voltage Lights “Thank you for your superior product! Our pond is crystal clear and the visual impact is stunning. By night with the lighting package, it is breathtaking!” —Ronald G. & Alice M. Bortz, Homeowners