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28 T he perfect addition to any Otterbine spray pattern, our lighting systems come in a variety of configurations to create radiant displays once the sun sets. All manufactured from corrosion resistant materials and featuring energy efficient LED lamps—there is bound to be one that suits your needs. Our most popular LED light system is available in both cool and warm lamps, from 2 lights to 16 — creating rich, vibrant displays. While our ultra-bright compact color changing RGBW sequencing light sets are the perfect addition if you are looking to spice up your display for that extra special something. These 4-light LED systems are available in 40W for our 1–5HP systems, 80W for our 10HP+ fountains and come with 24 pre-programmed sequences with the option of adding custom programs upon request. High Voltage light systems are also available, check out our website to learn more. Fountain Glo ™ Lighting Enhancing Displays into the Night LOW VOLTAGE (LED) Lights 2 4 6 8* 12* 16* Lamp Wattage (Total) 14 28 42 56 84 112 Lamp Options 2 4 6 8* 12* 16* Bright White (Lumens) 970 1,940 2,910 3,880 5,820 7,760 Warm White (Lumens) 700 1,400 2,100 2,800 4,200 5,600 *Multiple cable runs required (One cable run required for every four lights.) Includes a 3-year warranty.