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16 The Air Flo 3 is Otterbine’s subsurface diffused aeration system and is one of several choices Otterbine offers when no surface spray is desired. Often referred to as a ‘bubbler’ system, these units operate from quiet on- shore compressors that pump air to diffusers placed at the pond bottom. Oxygen is then released in the form of bubbles throughout the water column, mixing bottom and top water layers breaking down thermal stratification and adding much needed oxygen to the pond. With no electrical components in the water, these systems are the ideal choice for water quality management solutions in recreational bodies of water. Requiring little to no maintenance, these units are constructed of corrosion resistant materials and can operate in depths from 6ft–40ft or 2m–12m. Independently tested for safety and effectiveness, the Air Flo includes a 3-year warranty on the compressor, and 5-year warranty on the diffusers and cabinet. “The Air Flo 3 system is virtually invisible, stealthily quiet and yet highly effective in maintaining an environmentally healthy and aesthetically pleasing high visibility water feature.” —Chuck Gast, CGCS Bellerive CC, St. Louis MO AIR FLO DIFFUSED AIR SYSTEM # of Compressor(s) Diffuser Pad(s) # Discs per Pad # Disc per System AF3-121 1 2 1 2 AF3-131 1 3 1 3 AF3-141 1 4 1 4 AF3-112 1 1 2 2 AF3-122 1 2 2 4 AF3-241 2 4 1 4 AF3-261 2 6 1 6 AF3-281 2 8 1 8 AF3-222 2 2 2 4 AF3-232 2 3 2 6 AF3-242 2 4 2 8 AF3-262 2 6 2 12 PRODUCT ILLUSTRATION • Air Flo 3 Diffused Air Systems incorporate 1/2HP oil-less rocking piston compressors allowing for operating depths up to 40ft or 12m. • All systems come with self-cleaning 12in (350mm) disc diffuser manifolds (single or dual) • Diffuser manifold base is constructed of high-density polyethylene plastic and incorporate ballast channels for level sinking of pads during installation. • Enhanced 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel cabinet construction is corrosion resistant, provides quieter operation and simplified servicing. • Compact and low profile, cabinet footprint for all systems is 16in x 16in x 20.5in (41cm x 41cm x 52cm) • Cabinet cooling system includes (2) axial fans that draw air through vented louvers on the front and bottom of the cabinet for complete cabinet air exchange at the rate of 225 times per minute. • Valve manifolds located inside cabinet allow for future expansion of most Air Flo 3 Systems. • Cabinet enclosure secured by stainless steel latch that accommodates a locking mechanism. Complete package is safety tested, approved and listed with ETL and ETL-C. Products for the European Union are also safety tested, approved, and carry CE certification. Minimum operating depth varies, visit for product testing and package details. Air Flo Diffused Aeration