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15 PRODUCT ILLUSTRATIONS 1 Rugged closed cell foam filled low visibility polyethylene float. 2 Precision pitched stainless steel impeller is virtually unbreakable. 3 Protective arms secure motor unit and allow for easy handling. 4 Electrical quick disconnect is part of upper plate to prevent accidental damage. 5 Enclosed in a corrosion resistant, durable 18 gauge/316 grade stainless steel motor housing, the oil-cooled, efficient 1725/1425 RPM custom built motor has dynamically balanced rotors to move high volumes of water. Complete package is safety tested, approved and listed with ETL and ETL-C. Products for the European Union are also safety tested, approved, and carry CE certification. See for product testing and package details. Like components used throughout industrial aerators. High Volume is mounted vertically, while Aspirator and Mixer models are mounted horizontally. Sub-Triton Aspirator Triton Aspirator Triton Mixer Sub-Triton Mixer 1 2 3 4 5 High Volume MIXERS: TRITON & SUB-TRITON 60 Hz 1HP 2HP 3HP Volume (ft³) Influenced 490,000 980,000 1,470,000 50 Hz 1HP 2HP 3HP Volume (m³) Influenced 12,488 24,976 37,463 ASPIRATORS: TRITON & SUB-TRITON 60 Hz 1HP 2HP 3HP 5HP Volume (ft³) Influenced 210,000 420,000 630,000 1,050,000 50 Hz 1HP 2HP 3HP 5HP Volume (m³) Influenced 5,352 10,704 16,056 26,760 “Otterbine aerator units have been operating in the raw wastewater flow equalization basin for nearly nine- months, maintenance free, but more importantly with no odor complaints. The plant improvement is the first step toward community confidence that a wastewater treatment facility can be a good neighbor.” —John M. Bennett, JR., P.E., Director Lagrange Utilities Commission 5HP High Volumes