Newslines Summer 2019

08 . news lines . summer 2019 The Roundup After receiving two grants alongside fundraising efforts from its members, Wick Golf Club in Scotland has purchased a new Toro Greensmaster TriFlex Hybrid 3420 to help improve its course and the environment. Not only did the GR3420 impress head greenkeeper Dougie Thorburn, but its sustainability credentials were key in securing grants to make the purchase of the machine possible. The club received grants from the Caithness and North Sunderland Fund and Beatrice Caithness Windfarm Fund, Environmental considerations Joint effort for environment at Wick Northamptonshire County Golf Club in the Midlands is bringing back the feel of its past with Toro machinery and thinking to the future with a Toro irrigation renovation. Course manager Rob Hay says: “The course had been managed as a parkland course which it wasn’t designed to be. We’re returning the course to its original heathland state, opening up each hole and giving it a flavour of the old days. Toro is instrumental in this vision. It has made a big impact and brought a noticeable change in the course’s maintenance and members are seeing the difference.” Rob, pictured below left with Reesink’s Andy Humble, says the Course improvements “Striking improvement” thanks to Toro When Darrell Crowley re-joined The Bradford Golf Club inWest Yorkshire as course manager in 2018, one of his first big decisions was to choose the supplier for his newmachinery fleet. He explains: “There have been Toro machines, among other brands, at the club since the millennium, but it wasn’t until 2006 when I was greenkeeper that the first package deal arrived. The club wanted to move away from updating individual machines to get a bulk amount of new kit from one brand and see if it further improved the course.” And while the difference and immediate improvements the switch to Toro made to the overall quality and condition of the course were evident, it was returning to the club and seeing the long-term benefit that really hit home for Darrell. “The course is looking better than ever. It goes without saying each individual machine makes a difference, but only to its particular area, so to get a fleet of new machines to cover all areas, well the collective improvement is simply striking.” It was therefore an easy task to go with Toro again as course manager, he says: “Using Toro has been so successful and made such a positive improvement to the course we’ve continued our relationship, and this is now our third lease agreement.” Toro Total Solutions customer Past, present and future with Toro commitment to Toro irrigation is a nod to the future: “We noticed in the heatwave of last year that there are areas that could be improved. We’re water scarce and irrigate from a local river and the goal is to use our water better, utilising every drop. We believe Toro is the partner to make that happen.” As one of only 13 Regional Qualifying courses for The Open in the UK, Northamptonshire County Golf Club has high standards to maintain. “We appreciate we’re in the company of a select few being a Regional Qualifying course and take great pride that we resumed our status last year for the 147th Open,” says Rob. Retaining that position comes with hard work and dedication, which Rob says is “a good challenge for us all and having Toro on board has really made a difference.” Course manager Darrell Crowley, seated, with Russell Groundcare’s Paul Nichols, left, and Reesink’s Mike Turnbull. From left: Reesink’s David Raitt, greenkeeper Owen Cormack, course manager Dougie Thorburn, club captain Catherine McLeod and David Shearer and Linda Bremner fro m Caithness and North Sunderland Fund and Beatrice Caithness Windfarm Fund. both of which support projects that develop or maintain community assets and achieve environmental improvements. Dougie explains: “Our last greensmower was suffering from hydraulic leaks. Not only was this causing damage to the turf, but we have a lot of ditches on the course that lead to the ocean, so it’s possible for oil leaked on the course to runoff into the sea. We needed something that would be more reliable and stop the damage to the course and runoff into the ocean.” And the GR3420, with its advanced technology meaning hydraulic leaks are almost eliminated, is providing peace of mind for Dougie. “It’s just a brilliant machine, simply put. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it.”