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Toro Tempus Air


Toro Tempus Air

Toro's latest irrigation technology unites with sustainability in the new Tempus Air, a solar-powered, cloud-based, battery-operated, remote-controlled, wireless control system, offering flexible programming to take water automation to the next level. 

Technology and sustainability form a symbiotic partnership as we see a solar panel power a nine-volt battery in a product where all its data and information are stored in the cloud. It is a perfect example of how, when the two work together, a cost-effective green solution emerges. 

Gain control of your hydraulic valves, water pumps, pressure valve sensors and filters through an intuitive and user friendly app. Link moisture levels, temperature and wind speed as well as monitor a wide set of field parameters for even more precise and efficient irrigation scheduling.

Combining all these features makes Tempus Air ideal for those looking for a sustainable and unique solution and for areas without electricity such as sports pitches, stadiums and training grounds keen to eliminate cables from the sidlines and professional landscaping projects. 

  • Wireless and easy to install
  • Remote control via tablet, PC or phone
  • Detailed real-time feedback and information 
  • Automated responses based on pre-set thresholds 
  • Precise and affordable 
  • Manage up to 30 modules 
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Tempus Air

Max stations 6
Activation type DC Latching
Power (voltage/phase/amp) 9V DC battery
Wire path Up to 300m


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