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Otterbine Gemini Aerating Fountain


Otterbine Gemini Aerating Fountain

Offering tremendous beauty and incredible aeration strength, the dynamic plume of the Gemini pattern works well in any setting.

Designed to give the best of both worlds by offering function and beauty, the Gemini surface spray aerator can operate in as little as 75cm of water and can move over three times as much water than decorative patterns, thanks to its open-throat propeller design.

Providing an attractive display with the capability to manage severe aquatic environments, it’s easy to see why the Gemini is particularly popular with golf courses, commercial complexes and landscape contractors.



  • 1hp single phase motor unit and float and Gemini chamber
  • Proven performance with high oxygen transfer rates and pumping abilities up to 242m3/hr
  • Control algae, aquatic weeds and odors while enhancing a water feature naturally
  • Energy efficient and manufactured from corrossion resistant, durable 18awg/316 grade stainless steel
  • Operates in 75cm of water
  • Fountain Glo LED Lighting available
  • Backed by a five-year warranty
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Aerator (hp) 5
Spray diameter 9.5
Spray height 4.4
Power (voltage/phase/amp) 415/3/7
Cubic meters p/hour (m3/hr) 242.7

Aerator (hp) 3
Spray diameter 6.9
Spray height 3.5
Power (voltage/phase/amp) 230/1/13.5 415/3/4
Cubic meters p/hour (m3/hr) 172.6

Aerator (hp) 2
Spray diameter 4.7
Spray height 2.6
Power (voltage/phase/amp) 230/1/12.6
Cubic meters p/hour (m3/hr) 143.5

Aerator (hp) 1
Spray diameter 4
Spray height 2
Power (voltage/phase/amp) 230/1/8.3
Cubic meters p/hour (m3/hr) 119.7


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