Toro sprinklers dating back to the 1960s are forwards compatible and can be easily upgraded with the latest design features.

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Did you know, all Toro large golf sprinkler bodies can be retrofitted?

It seems to be a misconception that if you choose a Toro sprinkler at the point of installation, it’s what you’re stuck with forever. Well, that’s not a bad thing, but we’re here to bust that myth nonetheless.

The beauty of today’s innovative sprinklers is that pretty much whichever brand you choose, they’re all forwards and backwards compatible, but Toro especially!

Toro sprinklers dating back to the 1960s are forwards compatible and can be easily upgraded with the latest design features. Plus, Toro technology can be easily fitted into a different brand’s sprinkler head, too. Everything from the casing to the risers can be swapped.

And it’s not an arduous job either; the Toro 600 series from 1967 and the 700 series first seen in the 1990s for example can be interchanged with Toro sprinkler head conversion assemblies in a literal minute! The sprinkler stays in the ground, the riser pops out and is replaced. It’s that simple to benefit from the latest innovative market-leading technology.

Reesink can not only help clubs upgrade to Toro’s latest sprinkler design features, but also provide expert training, covering everything from sprinkler maintenance to controller programming.

In one quick fix you can address specific irrigation needs and problems. Cut down some trees and got a windier course? You need a sprinkler that can throw under the wind with a lowered trajectory. Easily done without the need for a spade. Are your components old? Toro’s the solution, not just replacing old for new, but for more durability. Do you want to achieve a strict start-stop arc setting without unwanted movement or constant re-adjustments, eliminate dwell points and subsequent pooling or ensure even distribution? Tick, tick, tick from Toro, with no disruption.

But it’s not all about fixing the past. When choosing your new irrigation system, it’s very much about the ‘now’ and with all Toro large golf sprinklers forwards compatible, it’s definitely all about the future too.

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