26 Oct 2016

Vertas Delivers “Professional Service” With Toro

Fast-growing facilities management provider Vertas Group Limited’s grounds division has invested in the adaptable Toro T4240 high-output mower to deliver a “professional service” for its customers.

Vertas provide services to schools and businesses in Suffolk and across East Anglia and its grounds team, which primarily maintains sports fields for schools, football and rugby clubs, decided to make an addition to its shed when an old machine needed replacing.

Contracts manager Shaun Swan says: “We tried a variety of machines and preferred the Toro T4240 over competitor brands. We had to test the market, but the T4240 really is the leading machine for what we want.”

It became clear to Shaun that the T4240 was perfect for the job when Toro UK distributor Reesink Turfcare loaned him a machine. “Our Reesink rep Danny was very helpful in sourcing a T4240 for us to use and we quickly saw the quality of finish needed across all our sites. The employees were all impressed; they found it comfortable and were more than happy to use it!”

Shaun speaks of just some of the many benefits of the T4240: “The machine’s portability makes life easier as you can piggy-back it onto a trailer to transport it from site to site. It’s very versatile too; it can cover a large area and also be used in tricky, confined spaces as either a triple or five-unit machine.”

One of the main reasons Shaun chose the T4240 is because it gives Vertas’ sites a top quality finish. He says: “The cutting cylinders float and follow contours producing a consistent and beautiful cut. As professionals we need to ensure we’re providing a professional service to our customers – the Toro T4240 makes this easy.”

But it’s not just the initial acquisition of the machine, Shaun feels he can rely on Reesink’s aftercare service too: “With Reesink we know we can get parts easily and locally, meaning our Toro machines are never out of service for long.”