13 Nov 2017

The Smoothest Roll For The Smoothest Greens

Toro’s new GreensPro 1260 arrives in the UK

While there’s always a lively discussion to be had on the pros and cons of fast greens, one thing at the top of most golfers’ wish lists are smooth greens. With that in mind, the latest launch from Toro will now most likely top most head greenkeepers’ and course managers’ must-have machinery lists!

The new Toro GreensPro 1260 is the company’s latest greens roller. It takes all the excellent features of the previous Toro GreensPro models and adds overlapping heads for a consistent roll over every pass, a quick latch coupler and pivot handle to easily transition from roll to transport, many easy maintenance features including only one grease point and added comfort such as a bi-directional seat adjustment lever, armrests and a rubber isolation mount, to name but a few.

But perhaps most importantly, one of the key new features is split stainless steel smoothing rollers. The benefit of this is two-fold: uniform smooth greens are achieved in just one sitting and the risk of scuffing during turns is dramatically reduced.

Toro has also added a hydraulic drive system to the 1260. This replaces the hydro and chain drive and eliminates leaks and potential contamination of the grass as well as reducing the amount of maintenance required with chain drive systems. 

Put it all together and the result is smoother greens with a more uniform appearance and the best playability. For the operator it’s a more comfortable ride, thanks to the isolated engine, which means minimal vibrations and the ability to perfectly place the seat and steering column according to individual requirements. For maintenance, well that job just got a whole lot easier – there’s less to clean and access is much easier, as is transporting the machine from green to green. For club management it’s an improvement in course perceptions and an increase in productivity.

Jeff Anguige, national sales manager at Reesink Turfcare, the sole UK distributor of Toro, says: “The new GreensPro 1260 is the next evolution of green irons, and it’s about to arrive here in the UK. The way this machine follows the contours and undulations of the greens no matter how slight the undulations are results in an exceptionally uniform smooth putting surface. Just like its predecessors it is unmatched in its roll consistency and now thanks to the split rollers it’s ability to turn without scuffing the surface is market-leading too.”