24 Aug 2022

New TYM Customer for Reesink’s Scotland Branch

Bathgate Golf Club moves dealers and now fan of customer favourite tractor

After 17 years with the same dealer, Bathgate Golf Club in Scotland has chosen Reesink Scotland to supply it with its first ever TYM tractor. 

Head greenkeeper Rab Burns, who has been at the club, which is home to two former Ryder Cup captains, for 29 years, couldn’t be happier with the change: “We’re very happy with our new TYM tractor. It does everything we need it to and is so reliable. We got it through Reesink’s Livingstone branch, whom we’d heard really good things about as a dealer, and they’ve delivered on price and support.

“It’s been a fair bet working with them, whatever we ask them to do, it’s done,” he continues. “It’s been very reassuring and a first-class service.”

The club chose the T555 model, one of the compact tractors recently involved in TYM’s redesign and a long-term customer favourite – for very good reasons. 

Rab says: “This one has the same horsepower and similar performance as the previous tractor we had from a different brand, but the controls and the safety devices are much better. It’s easier to fix the attachments to the back and overall, it’s much more user-friendly, and seeing as everyone uses it, this was a big selling point. It’s the perfect size, spacious and easy to control. It just suits us. Plus, it’s good value.”

Being so user-friendly allows the team to get the job done more quickly and efficiently, says Rab: “There’s less time wasted fiddling with complicated controls or with extensive operator training, which means there’s more time spent preparing the course and making sure it’s up to the members’ standards, which is every golf club’s ideal scenario.”

The new tractor will be used mainly for loading sand and aggregates and for transporting a debris blower to help clear the course and surrounding spaces from leaves and grass cuttings. 

Gareth Rogers, area sales specialist at Reesink’s Livingstone branch in Scotland, adds: “The redesigned 55hp engine in the T555 produces more power than its predecessor while still maximising on fuel efficiency, and the updated panel has a new digital element that shows the tractor hours, fuel gauge and information on the engine and emission system, which all makes for much-improved user control. 

“So, it’s easy to see why Bathgate decided to go with TYM and what we’re incredibly pleased about is that they’ve chosen us as their new dealer. It’s a move that represents the work we’ve been putting into offering customers in the area the very best service and support,” he concludes.

To find out more about the TYM range and the tractor attachments available from Reesink call 01480 226800, email, or visit our website.