12 Sep 2019

Manor of Groves Ahead of Schedule and Now 100% Toro

Following the arrival of its second Toro fleet, Hertfordshire’s Manor of Groves Golf Club is now exclusively Toro, achieving its all-red status ahead of its deadline of 2020.

Head greenkeeper Lee Brinkley says this sees his ambition realised from when he joined the club three years ago: “I had previously worked at a Toro club and my main goal when joining Manor of Groves was to improve the quality of the course, to make it comparable to the course that I’d become accustomed to. I resolved to be exclusively Toro by 2020 as I knew what a difference it would make, and now we’ve achieved that – ahead of schedule – it’s evident for everyone else too!”

The par 71, 18-hole, 6,237 yard course at Manor of Groves has been subject to a large investment to improve the already fine design and part of that investment comes in the form of Toro. It was in 2018 that the first Toro fleet arrived at Manor of Groves with Lee citing the brand’s quality, value for money, time-saving benefits, ease of maintenance, noticeable results and after-sales service as the reasons behind the purchase. Lee says nothing has changed since then. 

“All of those things still apply, but I can add in more! There’s definitely a better atmosphere at the club. It makes a significant difference to club spirit when there’s high quality, innovative, equipment to use. You really notice the sense of pride there is to use a decent machine. This has been very apparent since the machinery arrived and we’ve seen just what it’s capable of. And it’s great to see how happy the members are with the improvements to their course and the investment from the club to ensure Manor of Groves strives to be a course everyone talks about.”

Completing Manor of Groves’ Toro red shed are the Groundsmaster 4000-D, Groundsmaster 3500-D with Sidewinder, ProPass 200 top dresser, GreensPro 1260, ProCore 648 aerator and Workman MDX-D utility vehicles. 

Lee says about the order: “The Groundsmaster 3500-D with Sidewinder is incomparable. I don’t believe there is anything else available like it, it is that good.”

Lee also opted this time for a TYM Tractor T353 and loader. He says: “We’ve never had a TYM tractor before, but when you have such a good level of customer service from a distributor, like we do with Reesink Turfcare, you certainly don’t go looking anywhere else. We’re using the TYM to pull the new ProPass top dresser and together they’ve cut our labour for sanding by over half!”

And while it’s certainly taken hard-work and persistence to get the club to where it is today, Lee says it’s been more than worth it: “Everyone is invested in the vision. We’ve removed everything that wasn’t Toro and as a result there’s been a complete turnaround. To look at how far the club has come in just three years, how happy the team and members are and how now we’re able to maintain such high standards, is just great.”