20 Mar 2017

Maintenance Made Easy With Toro Performance Kits

Work-life is busy enough without unnecessarily adding to the to-do list. So best to keep things as simple and productive as possible – easily achievable when it comes to turfcare machinery maintenance by using Toro’s handy MVP (maintenance value performance) kits. A surefire time and money saver!

Toro distributor Reesink Turfcare is reminding customers that there is one easy way to save money and time this season. Toro’s MVP kits are designed with specific maintenance issues in mind, allowing turf professionals to be as responsive and productive as possible while stretching that all-important budget further.

Toro’s MVP kits conveniently package all the kit you need for over 100 maintenance issues like overhauling cutting units, replacing hydraulic hoses and rebuilding rollers to switching out filters or belts. Not only does this mean you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding all the individual parts you need from the catalogue, placing the order, then waiting for delivery risking machine downtime, but you can also save 20 percent of the cost of the individual parts.

MVP kits provide all the genuine Toro parts needed to quickly get your turfcare machinery working again. Instructions are provided giving advice on when maintenance is due depending on the model and number of hours of use, helping to avoid that easy temptation to run your turf equipment harder and longer without proper maintenance.

Michael Hampton, Reesink Turfcare parts manager, comments: “The ultimate aim as a greenkeeper is to ensure your machines perform consistently to a high standard and constantly, without the risk of extended downtime and that best possible use of your budget is made. With Toro’s MVP kits comes the peace of mind that you can react as soon as there is a maintenance or repair issue. Plus it makes budgeting much easier, allowing you to forecast exactly what needs to be allocated on parts and servicing for the next several hundred hours of use.”

Toro MVP kits are a prudent investment, ordering is easy and handy presentation boxes mean storage isn’t a problem so you can stock up.


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