26 Jun 2017

Irrigation Training Day For Turfcare Professionals - Part One

Toro in partnership with Reesink Turfcare Ltd, are pleased to announce a series of Turfcare professional workshops surrounding the complex world of irrigation systems new and old.

The irrigation system on every golf course is the largest piece of machinery that any club will purchase and needs to be maintained and serviced similar to your machinery plans to receive the best performance and longevity of a large capital investment. If maintenance is kept to a standard on any irrigation system, the club can look forward to years of trouble free usage with limited investment.

Irrigation systems however, can be seen as a ‘voodoo’ subject and left in the back of everyone’s thoughts until it is needed and does not operate or fulfil its intended purpose. 

As part of this initiative we have invited one of the leading irrigation designers and consultant Roger Davey to present 2 x one hour sessions. 

Therefore, the first part of the day’s agenda, will be focusing on the evaluation of the irrigation system with numerous examples of good ‘v’ bad and best practices for auditing your system to monitor performance of each integral section including hydraulics (sprinklers, valves etc), control systems, pump systems, and water storage.

The second part of his presentation will focus on basic irrigation design providing you with an outline of the process to successfully design and therefore install irrigation to new small scale projects giving you the knowledge that what you have designed will cover the areas effectively and efficiently.

We feel that it also very important for the turf professional to receive ‘hands on’ training so the second part of the day will be dedicated to the hydraulic part of the irrigation system. The live sessions will be presented by Reesink Turfcare’s Toro engineers Robert Green and Cevan Edwards and they will focus on the features of the Toro sprinkler heads with live demonstrations showing setup and coverage.

The second part of the live demonstrations will involve sprinkler assembly and dis-assembly linked with live troubleshooting that can be interpreted into other manufacturers products including fault finding on day to day issues encountered to allow the course manager the confidence to review and resolve basic problems during the irrigation season.

The day will be rounded off with a brief questions and answers session back at the clubhouse and accompanied with a small gift from Toro.

Venue & date:

Windlesham Golf Club

20th July 2017

To register contact Peter Newton at