08 Aug 2018

Get The Edge With Toro Edgemax Bedknives

To be blunt, Toro's new bedknife is anything but. Staying sharper for longer thanks to the use of hardened tool steel, Toro’s EdgeMax bedknives bring a crisper cut and less wear to Toro greens and fairway mowers, as well as significant time and cost savings. 

Brought to the UK market by Reesink Turfcare, EdgeMax bedknives provide up to three times longer edge retention than a standard bedknife and means 50 percent less time is required adjusting, backlapping, grinding and replacing, tests performed by Toro confirm. 

There are multiple benefits to this: a cleaner, crisper cut for healthier turf, unrivalled after-cut appearance, significantly lower parts costs and a reduction in maintenance time. What's more, bedknives that maintain their sharpness ensure the machine incurs less wear, enabling it to work more efficiently and smoothly. 

Michael Hampton, parts manager at Reesink, says: “It will come as no surprise that together this combination equates to long-term cost and labour savings.” 

By buying Toro, rather than a will-fit competitor, means you can also be reassured of consistent hole alignment on every bedknife, certified and trackable steels coils and computer controlled machining and finishing, thanks to Toro’s leading manufacturing process.

Available across Toro's Greensmaster and Reelmaster ranges on models fitted with DPA (Dual Precision Adjustment) cutting units, EdgeMax bedknives bring a 9.5mm and above height of cut to fairways and a 1.59mm and above height of cut to greens.