25 Feb 2022

A Gentle Touch From TYM at The Ashley Wood Golf Club

TYM T395 joins the T433 at environmentally protected site

The Ashley Wood Golf Club in Dorset has returned to Reesink Turfcare and TYM after experiencing what its compact utility tractor line has to offer in terms of gentle and productive operation for its historically significant and environmentally protected site. 

Open all year round, the 18-hole course was built in 1896, right over the Iron Age hillfort Buzbury Rings, a Scheduled Ancient Monument, which has part of the course protected under Historic England regulations. All of this means extreme care is required with day-to-day maintenance as well as the machines used in the process.

This important job falls upon the greenkeeping team, comprised of five members including head greenkeeper Mark Sherwood, who has been at the club since 1992 and thus has amassed an incredible amount of knowledge, vital for the protection of the site.

“Because The Ashley Wood Golf Club sits in a protected zone, we need light machines that don’t compact the ground or cause any damage with the tyres,” Mark explains. “It’s a woodland area on top of the hills so it’s always windy, cold and dry, and requires quite a bit of aeration work. We use the tractors for this and they’re really productive and have been very handy cutting down some of the work for us. 

“However, two years ago, we had an issue with the tractors we had at the time from a different brand – the lift capacity just wasn’t enough and the machines were straining under the weight of the aerator. This was, of course, very worrying from a safety and efficiency point of view, so we decided we needed to upgrade.

“We made contact with people with experience of using TYM and who were happy with their performance,” he recalls. “We had a demo with the T433, a 43hp machine with a loader, and it impressed us. The performance and reliability were unbeatable and made such a difference when compared to our old tractors; the hydraulic lift was remarkable for such a small machine and made quick work around the course.”

Mark was so pleased with his purchase that he recently went back to TYM distributor Reesink for another order: this time not only acquiring a second tractor, the T395, but also a TYM BY85 backhoe for use on the T433 helping with construction and maintenance work around the club, while the T395 is now being used primarily for greens aeration. 

“Both the T433 and the T395 are very uncomplicated and easy to use,” he says. “Nothing much ever goes wrong with them and if and when it does, the servicing is very straight-forward. With four to five different operators, some of them not fully experienced at driving a tractor, knowing they wouldn’t struggle with operating the machines and could get them on the course and running quickly was a big selling point for us.

“Due to the weather, we also required cabbed tractors that would protect us from the elements and provide enough comfort for the six to seven hours we spend outside,” Mark continues. “TYM accomplishes that – we even got ourselves a heater to help keep us warm while we ride, and it’s made the lads want to use the machines all the time now!”

As for his experience with Reesink, Mark has only good things to say: “The fact that there were major supply delays going around due to the pandemic still, yet we were able to receive our order within three months of buying even though the models weren’t even in the country at the time, was amazing,” Mark points out. “We’re very happy with our dealer; they’re there when we need them and their products are exactly as described. I’m over the moon with the service and cannot praise them enough.”

To find out more about the TYM range and the tractor attachments available from Reesink call 01480 226800, email, or visit our website.