23 Jan 2018

20/20 Vision At Manor Of Groves

New customer to be exclusively Toro by 2020

Hertfordshire’s Manor of Groves Golf Club has purchased its first fleet of Toro machinery and resolved to be exclusively Toro by 2020, having seen time-saving benefits, ease of maintenance and noticeable results.

The club invested in a Toro Reelmaster 5510-D, two TriFlex 3400 mowers, a Workman complete with a Multi Pro sprayer, and a ProForce debris blower to update its front line cutting fleet (greens, fairways, tees and approaches).

Course manager Lee Brinkley explains why they opted for Toro: “Having worked at other clubs that used a mix of Toro and competitor brand machines, Toro has always stood out to me as the most reliable turfcare brand.

“So when [Toro UK distributor] Reesink Turfcare representative Richard Freeman came on course to demonstrate the machines, it made me and general manager James Barker certain that Toro’s machinery is the best quality and value for money.”

Aftersales service was also an important consideration in the investment, explains Lee: “We knew we were buying more than just machines. I now have peace of mind that if I call Reesink with a query, our local representative Richard will be at the other end of the phone to help within minutes.”

Lee’s favourite addition to the new fleet is the Workman complete with a Multi Pro sprayer. He says: “The sprayer is so easy to use and I love that it is such a time saver. This is down to the huge 700 litre tank, which rarely has to be refilled during a cycle and cuts operation time by half.

“Before we did granulised fertiliser for fairways, tees and approaches that had to break down over time and was reliant on the right weather conditions. Now, with the Multi Pro, we can apply foliar based fertilisers which are absorbed through the leaves, making nutrients more readily available to the plants. Another great feature of the Multi Pro is consistent and accurate coverage thanks to the sprayer’s digital display and self calibrating system.”

Out of the new mowers, the TriFlex 3400 model stands out to Lee: “Maintenance is so easy! With our previous greens mower you had to forever pump grease into the bearings to keep everything lubricated, but the 3400 has sealed steel bearings which don’t need greasing – it makes maintenance far easier for us, and saves on time."

The new machines have certainly won the approval of Lee’s colleagues. He says: “The six greenkeepers in my team think the Toros are a huge improvement from previous machines. Even the Head PGA Professional has noticed and commented on how much better the cut on the greens and approaches is looking.”

According to Lee, Toro has transformed the club: “This is the first time in years we have purchased more than one machine at a time. To have brought five in at the same time means the improvements are really noticeable. We’ve seen the difference Toro can bring to our course and as a result the club’s approach to machinery investment has changed – we now plan to buy new Toro machines every three years and hope to have an all-red fleet by 2020!”