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Matt Jenkins'S STORY
GMA Young Board Member

Matt Jenkins

GMA Young Board Member

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When you consider yourself part of a "brilliant" and "rewarding" industry which is "full of opportunities", it goes without saying you want to let other people know about it, hence the reason why Matt is delighted to be a part of the Young Board of Directors. 

"I've always had a passion for sports, football in particular," says Matt. "When I started working as a match day volunteer at Southampton Football Club I knew it was a career that I wanted to pursue - I love working outside and the different challenges we have to deal with. I also work with a brilliant group of people at Southampton which makes my job even more enjoyable."

I find it incredibly rewarding to receive compliments or recognition from staff, players or visiting teams on the quality of the turf. So being on the Board and helping get people involved in this rewarding and brilliant industry, which is also full of opportunities, is something I really enjoy.

"I first got into the sports turf industry by chance as an apprenticeship was offered to me at Sandford Springs Golf Course. I completed my NVQ Level 2 in sports turf there before moving to Southampton FC in July 2016. So far, I've not only completed my NVQ Level 2, but I've also done first aid training, PA1 and PA6, as well as a day long course on irrigation.

"I've now started my NVQ level 3 in sports turf, but I would also like to do more courses and expand my knowledge of both irrigation and machinery in the near future. And potentially, I might look to do a level 4 course, maybe even in management."

So what does your current job involve? "I mainly work on Southampton's training ground, helping to maintain a total of nine grass football pitches and two artificial pitches. I think the most challenging part of the job is keeping the pitches in the best possible condition throughout a busy football season and the always unpredictable English weather!"

"I really admire and take inspiration from all of the volunteers that work throughout the whole industry, offering their time to help out with something they're passionate about. It's great to see. As for me, I'm so passionate about this industry, so earning my place on the grounds team at Southampton Football Club is what I consider to be my greatest achievement."

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