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Biral BTD-200 Lightning Warning System


Biral BTD-200 Lightning Warning System

With the chance of being struck by lightning higher than getting a hole in one, the importance of lightning detection shouldn’t be underestimated.

From meteorological equipment specialists Biral, the BTD-200 lightning warning system reliably detects the presence of all forms of lightning to a range of 35km, helping to keep golf club members and staff safe.

Quick and easy to install, the comprehensive server software package detects cloud-to-ground, intra-cloud and cloud-to-cloud lightning, charged precipitation and strong atmospheric electric fields, displaying on a map in real-time the lightning distance.



  • Complete ready-to-run system
  • Simultaneous use for up to five people
  • Able to issue overhead lightning warnings prior to first lightning strike
  • Quasi-electrostatic measurements to prevent false alarms


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