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5 produce pumping rates of 400GPM or 86.3m 3 per hour, per horsepower. A general rule of thumb when selecting a system for aeration is 2HP per surface acre. Otterbine prides itself on superior customer service from initial inquiry to installation—and beyond—our team is always available to assist you. An Otterbine Regional Consultant will work with you and assist in determining your needs. They will then match you with a field specialist, who will come on site and walk you through the various systems, and help you determine available power. Finally, our field specialist will recommend an installation expert. Otterbine also provides free design consultation for any size project. Simply provide us with pond dimensions and depth, or your CAD drawings and details of your project and we will have recommendations and a quote to you within 48-hours! “The pond regularly became stagnant in the hot weather due to the lack of moving water and low oxygen levels, but the addition of an Otterbine aerator has worked wonders. The pond has been cleaned up dramatically and the water is clear. You can see and smell the difference!” —Eoin Riddel, Course Manager, Royal Dornoch Golf Club 3HP High Volume & 5HP Sunburst