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3 systems pass ETL, ETL-C and CE standards. Safety features like cable disconnects and surge arrestors come standard with our units while other companies charge more to include them! Boasting an average lifespan of over 15-years, Otterbine systems are built to last and are energy efficient! Otterbine manufactures units with 316 marine- grade stainless steel. The Otterbine difference matters, as other systems found on the market are manufactured with 304 grade stainless and are unable to withstand the demands of harsh aquatic environments. In addition, Otterbine products maintain top-notch standards by boasting some of the lowest operating costs in the industry; with systems operating 34% more efficiently than other aerator and fountain type products, and that equals lower operating costs. Finally, Otterbine takes pride in offering the best customer service possible; and what better way to ensure this than by hand picking every sales and service partner. Combine world class distribution and field service with quality products, and dedicated sales and service support from the factory—it’s no wonder why Otterbine ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction. There really is only one choice when looking for a scientifically proven method to safely clean and beautify your water; Otterbine. “We chose Otterbine because of their reputation as the leading manufacturer of lake management aerators, the durability of the product, and the amount of water that can be aerated per minute, together with the professionalism and the sound support from the company.” —Will Righton, GCS, Mirage City Golf Club Cairo, Egypt 3HP Sunburst