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23 our Super Nova to the magnificent multi-dimensional cascading pattern of the Equinox—onlookers are mesmerized by the magnificence of these fountains. Constructed for ease of use, the Giant Fountain line allows for shallow operating depths of only 40in or 1m, while large wheels on the frame improves mobility eliminating the need for hoists and cranes in most instances. Combine this with corrosion resistant materials, a unique screening system to simplify cleaning and an adjustable float to minimize visibility in the water—these units are virtually maintenance free. Better yet they are backed by an all-inclusive 4-year warranty that can be increased to a 5-year warranty when purchased with power monitoring Subtrols. Prolong the beauty of a Giant Fountain with the addition of our Fountain Glo light systems. From our energy efficient LED lights to our color-changing RGBW sequencing light systems, create awe-inspiring displays to further captivate from day into night. Specifications and CAD drawings can be found through our website at . “Otterbine was very helpful in the design and specification aspects of our water feature project. A company representative did a site inspection and helped with a product recommendation and design within days of our inquiry.” —Richard H. Brooks, Brooks Development Group 25HP Triad