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20 All-In-One Fountain & Circulator Small Pond Solutions W hether you’re looking for aeration or an attractive display, this all-in- one fountain & circulator is the ideal solution for small ponds less than three quarters of an acre in size. Easily converted in just minutes between the included four aerating fountain patterns and horizontal circulator. Smaller ponds tend to be shallow, and therefore need a system that will achieve proven results. Make sure when deciding on a small pond aeration system to compare circulation and oxygen transfer rates. When set to the Gemini pattern (seen above) this unit adds an amazing 1.13lbs or .5kg of oxygen per horsepower hour and pumps 506GPM or 115m 3 per hour. Enjoy the beauty of this aerating fountain at night by purchasing the deluxe package which comes complete with a beautiful 2-light led system, with colored lenses available. Better yet, each of these packages come complete with a 3-year warranty. GEMINI 1/2HP FRACTIONAL SERIES 60 Hz GEMINI HIGH VOLUME PHOENIX ROCKET MIXER Spray Height (ft) 4 2 10.6 10.6 n/a Spray Diameter (ft) 4.5 2.5 10.6 3 n/a GPM 506 435 195 179 n/a* 50 Hz GEMINI HIGH VOLUME PHOENIX ROCKET MIXER Spray Height (m) 1.2 1 2.8 3 n/a Spray Diameter (m) 1.8 1.4 3 40 cm n/a m³/hr 115 99 44 41 n/a* *1/2HP Mixer volume influenced is 245,000ft³ (6938m³) and effectively moves water 115 linear feet (35 linear meters). Fractional Series: Gemini