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11 RECOMMENDED LED LIGHT SET BY PATTERN & HP Pattern 4-Light 6-Light 8-Light* Sunburst 1HP-5HP — — Gemini 1HP-5HP — — Saturn 1HP-5HP — — Tristar 1HP-5HP — — Omega 1HP-5HP — — Phoenix 1HP-3HP 5HP — Constellation 1HP-2HP 3HP-5HP — Rocket 1HP-2HP 3HP-5HP — Comet 1HP-2HP 3HP-5HP — Genesis 1HP 2HP 3HP-5HP Equinox — 1HP 2HP-5HP Add more lights for brighter displays. Refer to chart above for Otterbine’s recommended low voltage LED light set by pattern and size. Additional information on these systems as well as our RGBW Sequencing Lights can be found later in this catalog under Fountain Glo™ Lighting. *8-Light LED systems require two cable runs. Fountain Glo ™ LED Lighting The Perfect Accessory Highlight your Aerating Fountain into the nighttime hours while adding value and security to your property. Choose from our standard LED light sets, or upgrade to our color changing 40W RGBW sequencing light sets. 3HP Constellation with Lights “The aerators look stunning and instantly changed the look of what were just open bodies of water. The aerators give us stunning views both day and night with the inclusion of the lighting kits.” —Daniel Rowe, Course Manager The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club 3HP Rockets & 3HP Gemini with Lights