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Fairways Don’t judge a fairway by its colour Course manager Alister Matheson at Cruden Bay Golf Club, the traditional Scottish links course in Aberdeenshire, and his team are proud to present their perfect example of firm and fast undulating natural links fairways, back after five years thanks to a particularly dry end to spring. The grass looks like this when the ground is dry and there is little moisture for the plant so it goes dormant. When enough rain comes (which it undoubtedly will!) the grass will come out of dormancy and its familiar green colour will return. The performance of Toro’s Reelmaster 5410-D mowers on these fairways – whatever colour they are! – is preferred over all others. Alister comments: “The first thing I noticed about the Reelmaster was the way it handled the ground. The course follows the original lie of the land to great effect and as a result the fairways have a few humps and hollows. This didn’t pose a problem; its quality of cut was by far the best and we decided to buy two.” Now that the fairways are sorted, Alister is working towards a new Toro irrigation system for installation this winter on the greens, tees and approaches, which will ensure precise irrigation of the course even in its windy, exposed location. Partnership agreement Every day is tournament day at Blairgowrie Every day is tournament day at Blairgowrie Golf Club in Perthshire, Scotland, says managing secretary, Steven Morgan, and for that reason the club has invested in a partnership agreement with Toro. Steven explains: “We decided to invest in Toro to ensure we constantly improve the playability of our courses. We believe that every day here is tournament day and the time, effort and attention to detail when setting up the courses reflects this belief, as do the machinery choices we make.” 2018 sees the Scottish Amateur Championship , European Amateur Golf Tour and the PGA Lombard Pro Am arrive at the 45-hole three course club. Steven says: “We’ve a lot of golfers and competitors who expect the highest of standards. We knew that by choosing Toro and Reesink, we were ensuring a proactive relationship to consistently provide great course conditions while managing costs at all times.” 08 . news lines . summer 2018 The Roundup 03 Lease deal Toro at the fore at North Foreland Ten newmachines are scoring ten out of ten for results at North Foreland Golf Club in Broadstairs, Kent. The lease deal, the club’s first, marks a change in strategy by course manager Simon Grand, who joined the club two years ago, and greens chairman Mark Strand as Simon explains: “The frontline machinery was suffering from under investment and the number of breakdowns we were having were coming at a significant cost. “This investment, which is spread over five years, has solved all our equipment issues. It’s made us competitive and efficient, and the change in the presentation of the courses is undeniable – members noticed a difference within weeks.” And that’s down to the quality of the machines, as Simon explains: “It’s been said many times before, but you really do notice the difference when it comes to Toro. The quality of cut and reliability it offers makes a big difference to the way we do our job; it’s so much easier now. “Investment reflects and demonstrates the value placed on the work we do. It’s been great to see the way the team has responded, and how much more enjoyable and less frustrating the work is.” Toro leaves a fine finish to give great job satisfaction. Steven Morgan, managing secretary The game of golf originated in Scotland and this is the way links courses should look in the spring. Many overseas golfers, especially Americans, love this set up for links golf because it represents how the sports should be played in the natural environment. David Raitt, Reesink sales manager, pictured left below with course manager Alister Matheson 02 02 The fleet a t Blairgowrie is "easy to set, maintain and use," says managing secretary Steven. 01 Course manager Simon Grand on the Greensmaster TriFlex 3400 w ith new Toro golf ball protection cage, and Reesink’s Richard Wood 01