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03 EdgeSeries cylinders have been fitted to the DPA cutting units in Toro Reelmaster cylinder mowers for a couple of years, with the key aim of being able to remain on cut for longer. The bearings employed on Toro mowers offer reduced friction that in turn lead to lower power and with it lower fuel consumption. 04 Clippings box and rear roller brushes are offered on all 3555-D and 3575-D models. Click-stop cylinder to bedknife adjusters can speed up resetting the cylinder after backlapping. 03 Toro Reelmaster 3555-D / 3575-D FIRST IMPRESSIONS Mowing the well maintained and beautifully presented turf at Bristol City’s academy and training ground was of course something of a treat, and hardly a test of th e Reelmaster 3555-D’s abilities. There was, however, no need to worry that the mower would not be up to the task of replicating the existing finish, especially with their lightweight ‘balloon’ tyres, which enable them to glide across pristine pitches and training fields with ease. From the operator seat, the answer is pretty much what you would expect from any Toro ‘fairway’ mower. For a start, it's quiet. The Reelmaster’s 24.8hp Kubota diesel engine has a subdued exhaust that in-turn mode makes the wearing of ear defenders unnecessary, if not still recommended for long mowing stints, and for safety reasons. The second point to note is the steering. On the straight, maintaining a line is not a problem, while in turn the mower’s ability to ‘rotate’ on the headland is a real plus, making it much easier to spin around for a fast return to work when doing a diagonal diamond cut. Machine spec: Engine: 24.8hp (18.5kW) Kubota diesel Fuel capacity: 28.3 ltrs Weight: RM3555-D 2280lbs (1034kg), RM3575-D 2550lbs (1156kg) Transport speed: forward 0-10mph (0-16.1km/h), reverse 0-3.5mph (0-5.6km/h) Mowing speed: 0-7mph (0-11.3km/h) Cutting unit cylinder diameter: 3555-D 5in (127mm) 3575-D 7in (178mm) Cutting width: 100ins (2.5m) Height of cut: 8-blade recommended range 0.25-1.0ins (6-25mm), 11-blade recommended range 0.25-0.75ins (6-19mm) Warranty: 2-year limited warranty Noise output to operator / bystander: 84dB(A)/73dB(A) at 7.6m news lines . summer 2018 . 05 05 04