Newslines Summer 2017

news lines . summer 2017 . 05 02 eFlex models use the same floating DPA units as their petrol siblings, but the new for 2017 eFlex 2120 boasts new EdgeSeries cylinders and a revised mount for the clippings box. The latter now rests on the DPA frame as opposed to the mower chassis to enhance collection over undulating greens. 03 The chassis and DPA cutting unit is shared between eFlex and Flex models, electric and petrol models delivering the same high-quality finish. The pictured eFlex 2100 is in its sixth season and is run as a demonstrator to help reinforce the longevity of battery power. 04 EZ-Turn allows the operator to slow the turn speed to match conditions, a useful feature on greens with a pronounced drop as pictured. 01 The Toro eFlex walk-behind mower is pretty much the same as the company’s petrol powered Flex models. There are differences, of course: instant action from the electric power pack is one, little noise is the other. As for maintenance, the main one is to remember to charge the battery. Toro Greensmaster eFlex 2120 FIRST IMPRESSIONS Toro eFlex 1820 and eFlex 2120 models have received the core development tweaks applied to the petrol-powered Flex 1820 and Flex 2120 for 2017. The handles now feature an improved range of adjustment and the DPA cutting units are fitted with the new EdgeSeries cylinders. The core of the original eFlex 2100 models, launched back in 2010, however, has not been changed. Why? The Toro-developed lithium-ion battery system powering these eFlex walk- behind models is well-proven and consistently delivers upon its promise of giving nearly 4,500m 2 of cutting power between charges in ‘real world’ operation. In simple terms, that is enough to mow nine greens or half a football pitch pretty much in silence and with negligible demands in terms of fuel use. The system works and, as there is no need to change it, it has been carried over to the current eFlex models. Machine spec: Engine: Lithium-ion battery pack 53 volt 35Ah (42-64 volt, 1.68kWh). Single battery affixed to unit and charged onboard Electric motor: Brushless permanent magnet DC motor, nominal 1.2kW (20A continuous, 30A peak) with integral motor controller and helical gear reduction Transmission: Permanent magnet DC motor directly coupled to the first stage of a multi- ribbed poly-V belt drive. Traction drums are belt driven through a spur gear planetary differential with integral band style service/parking brake Mowing speed: 0.9-3.7mph (1.4-5.9kmph) Transport speed: 5.7mph (9.2kmph) Cutting width: 21ins (53.3cm) Cutting units: Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units Height of cut: Bench height of cut 0.062ins- 0.297ins (1.6-7.5mm) Height of cut kit 0.297ins-1.0ins (7.5-25.4mm) Number of blades: 8-, 11- and 14-blade Weight: 293lbs (133kg) Warranty: 2-year limited warranty Full report at 03 02 04