Newslines Spring 2019

Machinery and irrigation Top line tech from Toro at Royal Cromer Royal Cromer Golf Club i n North Norfolk is a classic example of the benefits combining Toro irrigation andmachinery can bring to a course. As one of the first clubs in the UK to fully upgrade to a Toro Lynx control system in 2012, Royal Cromer is now halfway through its first five-year agreement plan with Toro machinery, and here course manager Mark Heveran, pictured, tells us how the club has continued improving since using both. “We’ve been using Lynx for around six years now and it’s just phenomenal,” Mark says. “We have around four times the amount of sprinkler heads than we did previously, but we’re using less water. The efficiency is spot on. We’re in one of the driest parts of the country and our water comes from a borehole with a limited supply, so every drop counts.” For the club, striving to create the perfect playing surface is a real priority so when the time came three years ago to commit to a machinery brand, Toro was the logical choice. Now Toro’s top of the line technology plays a large part in achieving that goal. Mark confirms: “Since being with Toro, the course has continued to improve. With the irrigation system we noticed an improvement in the overall quality of the turf and with the equipment we have now, the course has become much more refined and every detail is attended to.” “When we’ve used other brands, after three years or so you could feel the machines starting to get tired, but with Toro they’re much more durable, solid and reliable in comparison, and the technology is always top notch,” says Mark. With the installation of Toro Lynx only the start of a long-term development plan for Mark to create one of the best cliff-top links courses in England, the club is continuing this progression by now looking to expand the irrigation system to cover new teeing complexes and walkways, and Mark is already considering the next stage in terms of the fleet. “In the coming years I’m hoping to renew the full package deal we have,” he says. “We’ve had absolutely no issues with the service, and the back-up from distributor Reesink has been fantastic.” Fleet expansion “Toro is the future” for Mid Kent Golf Club Mid Kent Golf Club’s n ewly appointed course manager, Darryl Manion, has committed to increasing the club’s Toro fleet with a renewal agreement and four new machinery purchases in his first three months in his new role at the club in Gravesend. Darryl arrived at Mid Kent Golf Club in 2000 and has worked his way up through senior and deputy roles before taking on the course manager position. He is dedicated to renewing the current Toro fleet and expanding it further. With Toro already front and centre at the club, Darryl explains: “The design of Toro machinery has always impressed me, they get the job done quickly which saves fuel and their durability in particular is better than any other brand I’ve used. I’m looking to the future and what we can achieve. By renewing machines each year and updating the fleet, I know the quality of the course will only improve. The way I see it, Toro is the future for Mid Kent Golf Club.” The club boasts a comprehensive Toro fleet and two TYM tractors so there’s no question the club has long recognised the value they bring. With a Workman MDX-D and Groundsmaster 4700-D purchased this year, and a Reelmaster 3100-D an d Greensmaster TriFlex Hybrid 3420 on order, the fleet is expanding and with Darryl in charge there have been no delays in making that happen. 08 . news lines . spring 2019 The Roundup Recovery Full flood recovery from Toro at Bedfordshire Bedfordshire Golf Club has been a Toro customer for 18 years and attributes much of this relationship longevity to the service received from Reesink. Part-way through its third five- year agreement course manager John Gubb, pictured above right with Reesink’s Julian Copping, says he’s remained loyal because “Reesink gives you the premier service you’d expect for a brand like Toro.” He elaborates: “When you sign an agreement with Toro and Reesink it’s not just high-quality machines you’re getting, it’s the whole package from experience to service. We have a really good working relationship with Julian Copping, and the parts and servicing team, which is what you expect when you’re working with the best.” But it’s not just that, Reesink and Toro have proven to go above and beyond to help the club when it needed it most. Four major floods in 2000, 2007 and two in 2008 hit the course, but with Toro came a helping hand. “Reesink lent us utility vehicles and pedestrian mowers to help get the course back on track, as our equipment sheds were inaccessible,” John explains. “The loaned machines helped enormously in the turf’s subsequent recovery.” The most recent addition to the fleet is a replacement Groundsmaster 4100-D for use on the roughs. John says: “We’ve sold our older model to a local club. It’s been a reliable machine for the last 13 years and still has life in it yet, but for us, the new model means we can stay-up-to-date with Toro’s latest technology.” 01