Newslines Spring 2018

Surbiton fast forward with first fleet Kit: Four Greensmaster 1000 and three Greensmaster 1600 pedestrian mowers, two Reelmaster 5510-D ride-ons, tw o TriFlex 3420 hybrids , a Groundsmaster 4700-D, two Groundsmaster 3500-D mowers and a Multi Pro 5800-D When it comes to course machinery , Surbiton Golf Club has done things the same way for many years. But times are changing, starting with the delivery of its first full fleet. When Andrew Kerr joined the club in Chessington, Surrey as head greenkeeper in April, he went straight to work with the Greens Committee to deliver a complete overhaul of the way the club acquired and replaced its machinery. Andrew, who is currently finalising his qualification as a master greenkeeper, says: “There’s a great deal of choice for players, so it’s imperative to be the best you can be on the budget you have. We’re not one of the biggest clubs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the best presented course around. I was determined to bring in the best machinery to show the membership what’s possible when you have the right equipment.” Clint Whittaker, club secretary, explains: “We used to purchase machines outright when required as part of our capital investment plan. This meant we had machines of varying ages, some of which couldn’t deliver the results we expect.” As a club owned by its members, this change in policy had to win over 700 members too. Andrew continues: “It took one viewing of the latest Toros, brought in by Reesink, to convince everyone that Toro was the brand to go with to raise the bar.” Ultimately where there is a will there is a way. You don’t need the biggest budget to get the equipment you want, or the finish you feel your members deserve. Look at the options with your management committee and, where relevant, the membership. And consider that, just like a picture , a demo is worth more than a thousand words. Moor Hall curates Toro fleet to tackle course wish list Kit: New fleet, including GreensPro 1260 and GeoLink Moor Hall Golf Club’s latest Toro machinery fleet has been curated to bring the club the latest technological advancements and tackle particular environmental considerations. Course manager Wayne Ganning at the Sutton Coldfield-based club created a wish list and, with the help of Reesink and dealer Redtech Machinery, now has a fleet he can rely on to make savings and implement a more responsible course management programme. The fleet features two of Toro’s latest UK launches – the new GreensPro 1260 greens roller and GeoLink Precision Spray System, the industry’s first turf-based spray system – and 15 greens, tees and roughs mowers, top dressers, aerators and utility vehicles. In opting for the GeoLink, Moor Hall was one of the first clubs in the country to reap the benefits of precision spraying. Wayne says: “We are making a concerted effort to be more environmentally friendly in our approach to course management. The GeoLink is a fantastic and effective way to do this. Not only do we make a difference to the amount of chemicals we’re putting on the ground, but there are significant savings to be made when there is far less waste.” Among the many technological improvements in the GreensPro 1260 is a hydraulic drive system. This replaces the hydro and chain drive and eliminates leaks and potential contamination of the grass as well as reducing the amount of maintenance required. Wayne says this is already proving to be “more reliable and easier for the team to use”. 06 . news lines . spring 2018 02 The GreensPro in roll mode at Moor Hall 01 02 Toro proved in the demo they were the best quality, and Reesink brought in some surprising figures. Clint Whittaker Club secretary, Surbiton Golf Club 01 Andrew Kerr, course manager, seated centre, with Clint Whittaker, club secretary, right, and Reesink’s Mike Taylor