Newslines Spring 2018

03 The key to productivity is ensuring turns at the end of each pass can be made quickly with no scuff. The balance of the Greensmaster Flex walk-behind mowers has always been a plus of the design, increased handle adjustment now make this easier to exploit for both shorter and taller operators. 04 It is hard to spot in isolation, but the thumb operated throttle is slightly taller than the existing ‘00’ series. The new clutch on the current ‘20’ series retains the positive action of the earlier models, but is lighter to engage, with a smooth uptake of power. 04 03 Toro Greensmaster Flex 2120 FIRST IMPRESSIONS It would take a keen eye to spot the new developments Toro has made to its Greensmaster Flex 2120, but subtle tweaks combined with new EdgeSeries cylinders will be appreciated by those who operate or maintain these walk-behindmowers. Hand-mowing is still recognised for delivering the ultimate finish and this is a point clearly recognised by Toro, the company that continues to develop and refine its walk-behindmachines. Th e Greensmaster Flex 1820 and Flex 2120 models have received a host of detail changes to further enhance ease of use and quality of cut. A revised height adjustment system and new EdgeSeries cylinders will appeal to those tasked with setting up and looking after the mowers too. It is not just the petrol-powered models that benefit from development. As you’ll have read about in our last issue of Newslines, the lithium-ion battery- powered eFlex 1820 and eFlex 2120 models do too. With Toro, steady product evolution is a key to keeping its customers a cut above the competition. Machine spec: Engine: Subaru heavy-duty industrial, 4.3hp (3.2kW) Fuel capacity: 0.79 gallons (3ltr) Transport speed: 5.7mph (9.2kmph) Mowing speed: 1.6-3.7mph (2.5-5.9kmph) Cutting width: 21ins (53.3cm) Height of cut: 0.062ins-0.297ins (1.6-7.5mm), with height of cut kit range is 0.297ins- 1.0ins (7.5-25.4mm) Weight: 260lbs (118kg) Warranty: 2-year limited warranty news lines . spring 2018 . 05